Horse riding amongst nature

At a tranquil pace or at a frenzied gallop…



Our half a day rides take us through a varied landscape: mountain peaks, forest, prairies, moors…

For beginners as well as experienced riders.


Because we very often have 2 guides, we can split the ride into 2 groups of different abilities.




Our horses are very safe and healthy:


They are free to roam all year around in huge parks.

When riding, we make sure we respect their personality and behaviour in the group.


1 set of 5 afternoons for: 160 €

Poney riding

You will set out alone with your poney on well sign-posted tracks around the farm. It is the best way to get your children acquainted with the poney.
Tariff :
1 afternoon for : 15 €


A farm in the wild in the North Ardèche region

The gites

The caravans and camping

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